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  • Works in offline mode
  • Provides Random Working Proxy and Untested Anonymous Proxies
  • Now with GLITCH Patching System
  • Faster and Easier ProXPN.ovpn Proxy Configuration
New Features:
  • Allows proxy configuration during proxpn start up and on run

  • Now valid on some ProXPN based tunneling applications

  • New sets of proxies. All the old proxies are deleted.

  • apply the patch [Patch(October-28-2010).exe] before running GLITCHpcapp.exe

Download link:

This simple tutorial was released by world wide web of EC for newbies to cracking accounts and passwords. Full credits goes to him. Okay lets start...

Whats needed:
Get it here: EliteCrackers_Apex-.rar

ii)To crack account you need Combo List

iii)Good Proxy List


1. Download and extract EliteCrackers_Apex-.rar.This includes the most common OCX files needed.

2.Register the OCX files

Click to view full size

1. For Windows Vista & 7
1.1 First copy ocx files in system32 folder or sysWOW64
1.2 Open Start, go to Accesories and run Command Line Interface as administrator.
1.3Then type
  • regsvr32 \Windows\System32\RICHTx22.OCX

2. ForWindows Xp
2.1 First copy ocx files in system32 folder
2.2 Open Start, click Run, type CMD and click open. The command prompt should pop-up.
2.3 Then type
  • cd C:\

  • cd Windows

  • cd System32

  • regsvr32 blabla.ocx

Click to view full size
if there is still missing OCX you can download it here:

3)Open Apex

Click to view full size

4)Now load the Combo List

Click to view full size

5)Load Proxy List

Click to view full size

6)Go to the Pass Option (see image below)

Click to view full size

7)Now go to Site Settings and select the upload site that you want.

Click to view full size

8)Then click the Start button. Happy Cracking!

There are around 3million software's which have complete access to all of the keys and cracks with around 2000 pages in word and these are completely free for all of you. The uploaded rar file here consists of all the keys of software and games which are released from 2007 to 2010.

Download here: source:

May option po diyan para maging fullscreen,
itapat lang ang mouse sa bandang baba ng video at makikita po ninyo ang sign para
sa fullscreen then click.escape naman para bumalik sa default.

download link:(14.5mb rar file)

As of now 2 channels pa lang po ang nakalagay sa player na yan
Under maintenance pa kasi yong ibang mga channels.

SMARTBRO lang gamit ko pero tuloy tuloy halos walang bufferring.

Update ko na lang po ung ibang mga channels pag may time ako.


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